Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Deal With Pet Hair Fast and Easy

There is no magic solution to dealing with pet hair but we did get some great tips on how pet lovers all over the world effectively deal with the problem. We all have to deal with it - unwanted pet hair. The second best defense against pet hair on clothing is to clean the washing machine. The most common methods for dealing with pet hair are vacuuming and brushing pets.   To get rid of pet hair, regular cleaning is a must and there are some easy ways to remove it. In an attempt to learn tips about the most effective ways to deal with pet hair, we surveyed hundreds of pet lovers to find out how they deal with pet hair in their homes, cars and on their clothes. My pet family includes two dogs and four cats, so we're dealing with a whole lot of pet hair on our floors, furniture, and clothing. If you embrace the pet hair as a part of life with a pet — there are still some ways you can help rid your clothes and your house of pet hair and keep the fur at bay. The preferred type of floor to deal with pet hair is hardwood or tile. The number one method our pet lovers use to deal with pet hair in their homes is to vacuum. One of the surest ways of eliminating pet hair from your environment without getting rid of your pet is by clipping your dog's hair short. One of the best ways of helping to get rid of the pet hair in your house is to prevent it from getting over all the things in the first place. This is also one of the easier methods to remove pet hair from carpet. If you have a lot of carpet, vacuuming a few times a week also can go a long way toward keeping pet hair under control. There are lots of ways to spot remove pet hair from clothes. Flooring: The preferred type of floor to deal with pet hair is hardwood or tile. But since the dander and not the hair is the problem, shedding is not that important in allergy control. Keep the machine clean by running a lint roller over your clothes before you put them in the washing machine. Pet hair from dogs and cats can become embedded in carpet and is hard to remove even by vacuuming. The only surefire way to get rid of a pet allergy is to remove the pet from your home. If you have a pet with fur, the fur is going to get into the carpet. The easiest method to remove pet hair is to simply vacuum as much of the hair as you can. Sometimes the fibers of you carpet are what makes it so difficult to remove the pet hair. You can share your tips for how to remove pet hair here if you use a home remedy or homemade product to get rid of cat and dog fur, or otherwise have great ideas of how to deal with this common problem.

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