Saturday, February 6, 2016

Conscious Cat Sunday: Lessons from the Super Bowl


We’re not huge football fans here, although Ruby has been talking about wanting to join the Carolina Panthers. She says she would make a great wide receiver: after all, she’s fast, and she’s great at catching flying objects! We’ll probably watch at least part of the game for the commercials, and of course, we’re looking forward to the Kitten Bowl. Since I’m always looking for the lessons in everything, I spent a little time reflecting on what lessons we might find on Super Bowl Sunday.

On the face of it, football would seem like the least spiritual of all sports. It’s a pretty violent game, and it seems to be all about competition and winning. And yet, Super Bowl Sunday has become a national holiday, and there’s something about a hundred million people watching the same event that makes me think that there has to be something more to it than just a game.

Last year, I wrote about what the Super Bowl and the Kitten Bowl can teach us, and I believe that the article is just as relevant this year as it was a year ago.

Click here to read Super Bowl, Kitten Bowl and Spirituality

So whether you’re watching the Kitten Bowl, the Panthers and Broncos, or whether you’re staying away from anything football related today, spend some time reflecting on the fact that ultimately, there are lessons in everything in life. And if you’re routing for one of the teams in today’s game, may your team win!

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