Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Allegra’s World: 6th Adoption Anniversary


Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! Can you believe that today is my 6th adoption anniversary? Six years ago today, Mom brought me home to live with her and Amber. Sadly, I never got to know Amber really well, because she passed away six weeks after I arrived. After Amber’s passing, it was just Mom and me for almost a year before Ruby joined our family. Some days, I still wonder whether that was really such a good idea…

Ruby: blows raspberry at Allegra.

Ingrid: I can’t believe my beautiful girl will be seven years old later this year. At that age, she’ll be considered a senior cat. How is this possible? It seems like only yesterday, this little kitten started to explore her new home.

Allegra: The last six years have been the best! I love you, Mom!

Ruby: What about me, Allegra? Don’t you love me, too?

Allegra: Sigh. Oh little one, you know I do. Some days more than others…

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