Monday, August 22, 2016

Introducing ZiwiPeak: Natural New Zealand Pet Nutrition


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ZiwiPeak is one of the brands that has long been included on my list of recommended foods. Today, I’m delighted to offer you a closer look at this brand, courtesy of the folks at ZiwiPeak. Ziwi Peak is a complete and balanced daily diet for all breeds and all lifestages. Their formulas are 95% digestible and palatable to even the most finicky cats (and dogs.)

The equivalent of a wild prey diet for your little carnivore

ZiwiPeak gives your cat the equivalent of a raw, wild prey diet and is made from over 95% raw meat and organs, including natural fat and bone. The food contains no rendered meats or meat by-products. They add no artificial colors or flavors, no carrageenan, no chemical preservatives, no grains or potatoes, and no added salts, sugars, gelatin or glycerines or cheap fillers. These ingredients cannot be efficiently utilized by a carnivore’s digestive system and can contribute to various health issues, including skin & coat problems, itchy skin and ears, yeast infections, allergies, obesity, kidney disease, IBD/IBS and diabetes.

Natural ingredients, sourced in New Zealand

ZiwiPeak uses free-range, grass-fed meat raised on traceable, approved New Zealand farms, and seafood caught using ecologically sustainable practices under New Zealand’s stringent, government-controlled fish-management system. The warm, temperate climate in New Zealand allows the animals to be outside in open pastures all year round. All meat and seafood used must be free from added hormones, antibiotics, growth promotants and GMOs. Any added vitamins and minerals are sourced from reputable, traceable suppliers in the USA, Europe and New Zealand and Japan. They do not source any ingredients from China.

ZiwiPeak adds New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel to all formulas to provide high levels of natural glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. They also add cold-washed green tripe, which provides important vitamins & minerals, digestive enzymes and probiotics needed for healthy digestion. The glucosamine and chondroitin supports healthy joint development and mobility.

ZiwiPeak is relentless in its commitment to quality and care, operating under the most stringent health and safety standards. Every batch of ZiwiPeak must meet both its own in-house specifications and the highest international benchmarks. All ZiwiPeak products meet or exceed industry standards.

Air-dried and moist cat food


ZiwiPeak’s scoop and serve convenience of the air-dried formulas allows the food to be easily added as a topper, an instant training treat or as a complete diet. Their gentle twin stage air-drying process creates a food high in protein and calories, meaning that you feed less compared to raw and kibble. This process eliminates pathogenic bacteria, while protecting the natural nutrition of our ingredients. It also provides a 21-month shelf life. ZiwiPeak recipes have a high level of slow release metabolized energy, meaning your cat will feel fuller and content for longer periods of time.


All canned products have a BPA-free lining, ensuring the contents are as safe and natural as possible.

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