Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Allegra and the Thanksgiving Turkey


Did someone say “turkey?”

I often wonder how Allegra and Ruby feel about the fact that I’m mostly vegetarian. I suspect that they would prefer me to be a carnivore like them. While I do eat some seafood, I usually eat that only when I eat out. As a result, the most exciting people food treats the girls get are the occasional pieces of cheese. Ruby doesn’t care all that much for people food (except tuna!), she prefers cat treats. Allegra likes to try different things, but I’d never seen her as excited about people food as she was when I came home from Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday. Why don’t I let her tell you in her own words?

Allegra: Mom came home with one of those plastic containers in her hand. I thought that was a little weird, normally, these containers come out of our cabinets or the fridge, not from outside. But I didn’t think much about it, because Ruby and I were busy greeting her the way we usually do, rubbing up against her and asking for pets. After she put her coat away, she went into the kitchen.

Ruby: Is it time for treats? Mom, we’ve been so good while you were gone!

Ingrid: Girls, I have something special for you today!

Ruby: What? What is it? Out of my way, Allegra! Mom said she had something special for me!

Allegra: Rolls eyes. She said for us, Ruby, for us. Just be patient and…. OMC! What is that smell! It smells amazing!

Allegra: I knew there was something really good in that plastic container, and I started to chirp and meow and weave through Mom’s legs. Ruby kept getting in my way, but I didn’t pay any attention to her. Finally, Mom put too small plates with a piece of turkey on each down on the floor.

Allegra: Turkey, turkey, turkey! OMC, Ruby, it’s turkey!

Allegra: I grabbed the piece of turkey off my plate and ran off to the bedroom with it. There was no way I was going to take a chance that Ruby might get my piece! Mom followed me and watched me eat it in the bedroom, then she went back to the kitchen. I ran after her. Was there more?

Meanwhile, Ruby didn’t seem to show any interest in her piece. She licked at it a few times, and then spit it out. She spit it out! What is wrong with her? I was getting ready to snatch it up, but Mom gave me a fresh piece. I ran off with that piece, too, and took my time enjoying it in the bedroom.

I went back in the kitchen to beg Mom for more, but she said two big pieces was enough. I guess Mom knows best, but i could have eaten an entire big turkey, it was so good!

Ruby: grumbles.

Allegra: What, Ruby?

Ruby: I don’t know what the big deal is about this Thanksiving turkey. Why can’t there be Thanksgiving tuna?

Allegra: sighs.

Did your kitties get turkey treats on Thanksgiving? Did they love it?


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