Friday, January 13, 2017

Mews and Nips: This Cat Wears Her Heart on Her Chest


Even though the expression technically is “wearing your heart on your sleeve,” in Zoe’s case, this beautiful tuxedo cat wears her heart on her chest. Zoe lives in the Netherlands with her sister Izzy. The adorable pair has garnered quite a following on Instagram. Story found on ABC6 Columbus.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Sunday, we explained why you need a buffer, on Monday, we explained what it’s like for cats when they catch a cold, on Tuesday, we shared some beautiful cat Valentine’s Day cards with you, on Wednesday, we featured a very unusual male tortoiseshell cat, on Thursday, I told you about my visit with the Kitten Lady, and on Friday, we reviewed Lost and Found Cat: The True Story of Kunkush’s Incredible Journey.

I’m always amazed when I see videos of cats playing in the snow. I always think of cats as creatures who love warmth, but the cats in this video are clearly having a blast. Enjoy!

Photo via Izzy & Zoe’s Instagram

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