Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Nature’s Cat Litter Mat


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Litter mats can be a great way to reduce one of the messiest aspects of sharing life with a cat. They can help reduce tracking, and keep any accidental spills contained. The Nature’s Cat Litter Mat does both beautifully.

Generously sized, these thick, heavy duty mats come in rectangular and half moon shapes, and in two colors. They are made from commercial grade vinyl that will not slide on your floor and will not crack or rip with normal use. The mats are waterproof and BPA free.


We asked for the rectangular mat for this review. The first thing I liked about this mat is that it shipped rolled, so there were no creases or wrinkles in the mat when I took it out of the box. I simply rolled it once in the opposite direction, and it lay flat right away.

The mat is easy to clean – either vacuum up trapped litter or shake the mat out. Ruby is a vertical peer, but thankfully, since we’re using the Never Miss Litter Box, we no longer have urine accidents. Should you have any spills, the mat can be easily rinsed and dried.


I’ll offer one caution: if you’ve never used a litter mat before, or even if you’re currently using one with a different texture, give your cats a chance to get used to the texture of this mat before you put it under the box. Allegra and Ruby did not mind the rough texture (in fact, Allegra thought it made a delightful horizontal scratching pad,) but some cats may not like it, and you don’t want to inadvertently cause a litter box aversion.

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