Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: Get Over It


Life’s disappointments can knock the wind out of the best of us, and sometimes, it seems like we’ll never get over some of the bad things that happen. As humans, our tendency can be to continue to bring up our painful past, rather than working on healing the pain and moving on with our lives.

Cats don’t do this. They live in the moment. They don’t dwell in the past and constantly revisit it, nor do they use the past as an excuse for not being happy in the present. So why is it so hard for humans to just “get over it?”

In Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style, I share Fifi’s story. Fifi was my veterinarian’s cat. Dr. Tasi shared some of her background with me one evening when I was doing Reiki on then 17-year-old Fif: she was 7 years old when she was brought to the veterinary clinic where Dr. Tasi worked at the time. She had a spinal tumor, and her hindlegs were paralyzed. Her owner never returned for Fifi, and Dr. Tasi ended up adopting her. Fifi went through several rounds of chemotherapy, and regained function in her legs again. She adjusted beautifully to Dr. Tasi’s multiple cat household. One day, Dr. Tasi decided to consult with an animal communicator for all her cats. As one of her other cats shared his story of a rough background (all of  her cats are rescues), Fifi interrupted. The animal communicator relayed that what she was “saying” was clearly “We all have our stories – just get over it!”

I think Fifi may be on to something. No matter what our story is, each moment offers us a choice—to look back at what did not work for us in the past or to look forward and make different choices that bring us happiness.

Photo of Fifi by Andrea Tasi, VMD

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