Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Allegra and Ruby’s Birthday Surprise


Hi everyone, it’s Allegra and Ruby! Guess what! Today is Mom’s birthday. Even though Mom had one of her very serious posts about some very serious topic scheduled for today, we decided that on her birthday, she needs to have fun and not write about serious stuff. So we rescheduled her serious post for next week, and instead, we’re surprising her for her birthday!

Ruby: Do you think Mom will get mad at us for rescheduling her post?

Allegra: Ruby, you know better than that. Mom never gets mad at us. Besides, we got Mom flowers, and her favorite kind of cake.

Ruby: Is it tuna cake?

Allegra: No silly. It’s strawberry shortcake.

Ruby: There will be no tuna cake? What kind of a birthday is that! And what’s up with one candle on the cake? I know Mom is older than one!

Allegra: Ruby! It’s not polite to talk about Mom’s age! And it’s Mom’s birthday, so her cake should be something she loves, not what YOU love.

Ruby: But how can it be a birthday without tuna cake?

Allegra: sighs.

Ruby: How about we snuggle with Mom all day long, and play with her, and make sure that she stays away from the computer?

Allegra: Now that’s more like it, Ruby.

Ruby: And then maybe she’ll be so happy, she’ll give us tuna?

Allegra: Sighs. Please join us in wishing our Mom a happy birthday. She’s the best mom on the planet!

Ruby: We love you, Mom!

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